About Me



Currently I live in East Harlem, living the dream and doing what I most enjoy: teaching students the skills to do their best in school and in life, enjoying time with my wife and son, riding my motorcycle, and, of course, studying. It all seems a culmination of interests I’ve had since I was young.



I grew up in Manhattan myself, attending St. Bernard’s through 8th grade and then Trinity for high school. From there I earned a BA from Brown University and nine years later an MBA from Columbia University. I have been involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures — both for-profit and not-for-profit. I co-founded a catering company, a real estate agency, and an adventure travel business. I spent seven years grant-funding and managing a national coalition of hospitals dedicated to childhood injury prevention. And I also taught 6th grade history, English, and geography, 7th grade algebra I, and 7th & 8th grade Latin (as a favor to a friend during the pandemic).






“The joy that comes when frustration turns to comprehension, when failure turns to success.”




Through all of these experiences I always found time to tutor students. I love learning, so I have been able to succeed academically while truly enjoying myself at school. But I also love helping other students with their schoolwork, especially those who struggle at challenging NYC schools. Few things make me as happy as helping someone wrap their head around an idea and then using it to gain insight, to write a paper, to answer a question, to do well on a test.


In essence, I have always been the person who is happy to explain a concept during or after class to a fellow student who hadn’t quite got it. I suppose, then, that I have been tutoring since I was about ten years old, for money since I was fifteen. A friend’s sister was struggling with geometry, so her parents asked me to help her. It was my pleasure to do so. She ended up actually liking the class instead of dreading it, raising her grade from a low C to a B+ at the end of the year. As I have been ever since, I was glad to be a part of the joy that comes when frustration turns to comprehension, when failure turns to success.